Varmint-X Broadcast Deer Feeder

Varmint Proof Feeder

Our popular, top-of-the-line Varmint-X™ feeders are the first 100% varmint proof feeders available anywhere that finally provide a truly effective way to keep pesky raccoons and other varmints out of your feeder.  Now, our varmint-proof feeders may be equipped with our revolutionary “all-in-one” battery-free power and timer unit.  Varmint-proof and battery free make this the most innovative and best feeder on the market today.


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Product Description

Our patented Varmint Proof shield is a heavy duty 16 gauge flat sheet of metal attached to the bottom of the hopper. The small gap between the varmint guard shield and the hopper makes it impossible for raccoons and other varmints to get to your feed. A high-torque 12V motor and fan inside the hopper throws the corn through the gap between the base of the hopper and the varmint guard shield in all directions for 35+ feet. Our innovative Varmint-X™ feeders eliminate the hassle and maintenance of varmint cages and exposed wires.  US Patent 7,849,816 B2.


  • 100% Varmint Proof with the Varmint Guard Shield
  • Save 40% in feed
  • Heavy duty, steel construction
  • Heavy gauge, top-quality galvanized steel hopper
  • Wide footprint for stability
  • Set of heavy duty welded legs with pre-drilled welded pads for staking down
  • Easy to fill at ground level with no ladder required
  • Easy to open securely latched hopper lid
  • Silicone and rubberized undercoating to prevent moisture penetration
  • Built-in sight glass to easily monitor feed level (excluding 200 lb. model)
  • Lifetime warranty (excluding 200 lb. model)
  • High-torque 12V Motor
  • Base model comes with “The Timer” or upgrade to our battery-free power and timer unit.
  • Motor and electonics inside the hopper with easy access lockable door
  • No exposed wires
  • 12V Solar Panel
  • Throws 35+ feet in all directions


Model Capacity Base Price Battery-Free Upgrade
VG200 200 Lbs. $349 +$125
VG300 300 Lbs. $649 +$125
VG600 600 Lbs. $819 +$125
VG1000 1000 Lbs. $919 +$125
VG2000 2000 Lbs. $1,379 +$125