Livestock Feeder

Livestock Feeders

Our heavy-duty timed livestock feeders offer the ability to supply nutrition to cattle, goats, sheep and other commercial animals on a regulated schedule and in a simple and easy manner.  These feeders are designed to allow livestock to simultaneously feed from all sides and easily handle a wide variety of feed products up to and including 3/8” livestock pellets.  Our livestock feeders may now be equipped with our revolutionary “all-in-one” battery-free power and timer unit.

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Product Description

Each second of run time delivers approximately 1 .5 lbs. to each of 4 troughs for a total of 6 pounds per second.  The troughs are constructed of extra heavy 16 gauge steel to withstand even the harshest mistreatment from your animals.


  • Regulated, efficient livestock feeding system
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Heavy gauge, top-quality galvanized steel hopper
  • Easy to open, securely latched hopper lid
  • Extra heavy 16 gauge troughs
  • Set of heavy duty welded legs with pre-drilled welded pads for easy staking to the ground
  • Easy to fill at ground level with no ladder required
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High-torque 12V Motor
  • Base model comes with “The Timer” or upgrade to our “all-in-one” battery-free power and timer unit
  • Wide leg footprint for stability
  • Silicone and rubberized undercoating prevents moisture penetration
  • Built-in sight glass makes it easy to monitor feed level
  • 12V Solar Panel


Model Capacity Base Price Battery-Free Upgrade
TP300 300 Lb. $689 +$125
TP600 600 Lb. $809 +$125
TP1000 1000 Lb. $1,029 +$125
TP2000 2000 Lb. $1,599 +$125